Episode 24: A Star(light) Is Born

December 16, 2018

Today's guest is more than an entertainer, it's Tony Starlight! You'll hear about how he became a legend on the Portland entertainment scene and his deep, personal connections to the Canby area. Also, we'll be catching up with the organizers of the Canby Kiwanis Food & Toy Drive, which serves hundreds of families and thousands of children in the Canby School District each year.

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Episode 23: Choc to the Heart

December 12, 2018

In today’s episode, we talk with Teresa Sasse  about her fantastic chocolate covered concoctions, created close by in Canby and we’ll be catching up with Dawn Depner, one of the organizers of Operation Snuggle. It may sound like a marketing campaign to sell more fabric softener, but don’t be fooled: It’s actually a really cool, grassroots outreach to homeless families in the Canby School District that takes place one day each year. Dawn will tell us all about it.

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Episode 22: Prodigal Son

December 10, 2018

What's it like being a movie star? We ask Embry Johnson, a Canby High School freshman and the star of of the new independent film Prodigy. Spoiler alert: It sometimes involves smoking way more oregano than you would have thought. Also, we help light up the night with the city of Canby's Calvin LeSueur and talk about the weirdest Christmas tree sign anyone has ever seen.

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Episode 21: Make Yourself at Home … OK, Now Leave

December 6, 2018

Canby's Tour of Homes! It's one of only about...108 or so events going on in Canby this weekend. We sit down with organizer Joyce Ares to get all the details. You'll also get to hear Francke's terrible joke about the Friends of the Library, so that's fun. And, Canby Then is back, with the thrilling conclusion of our fire history series! Don't miss it!


Episode 20: Crawford at the Grove

December 3, 2018

Our guest today is no ordinary musician. It's Aaron Crawford, the blue collar guy who's teaching urban hipsters in downtown Seattle that they might like country music after all. Before playing Christmas at the Grove, he graciously agreed to talk with us about how his live shows are like dolphins using echolocation. Wait, what? You'll hear him explain it, only in the Canby Now Podcast!

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Episode 19: ‘It Was Post-Apocalyptic’

November 29, 2018

"At some points, it felt like we were on a completely different planet." On this episode, we’ll hear from three Canby firefighters who recently returned from serving in the Camp Fire area in northern California. Surrounded by scenes of destruction and devastation, they’ll tell us about the moments of human kindness and empathy that helped pull them through.

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Episode 18: Finding Sister Debbie

November 25, 2018

"Hi, Ricky." Two words that changed a local man's life forever. Find out how, as we hear the incredible story of Rick Carpenter, and his family's search for his missing little sister, Debra Lynn.

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Episode 17: Talkin’ Turkey

November 22, 2018

It's Thanksgiving, and we're talking turkey...literally! We sit down with Lydia Hart to revisit the saga of the Canby turkeys and their legion of fans -- the most specific bird watchers in the Pacific Northwest. From raising our own turkeys for Thanksgiving, to running ourselves over with our own cars...

This is Canby Now, and it's Turkey Day! 

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Episode 16: The Falls Guy

November 18, 2018

Willamette Falls. It's one of the most spectacular natural treasures in the western United States, and it's located only a short trip down Highway 99E from Canby. But for the last 150 years, it's been virtually closed to the public. Thanks to the Willamette Falls Legacy Project, that is finally changing. We get the scoop from the project manager, Brian Moore. Also, the return of Canby Then! Only on the Canby Now Podcast!

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Episode 15: Chasin’ Trouble

November 14, 2018

The guys go country in this episode as they sit down with the incredible, home-grown talent of Briana Renea, a country music singer/songwriter who grew up right here in Canby. She even sang for us! But be warned, listeners: Her new single, "Chasin' Trouble," will be stuck in your head for at least a week. Also, we catch up with the folks behind Baker's Prairie Bakery, who are turning the old Starbucks location on the east side of town into a bakery that is authentically Canby. Bon appétit!

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Episode 14: ‘You Never Forget It’

November 11, 2018

For our special Veterans Day episode, we bring you the incredible story of local World War II Navy veteran Louis Boesel, who fought in battles across the South Pacific, including Iwo Jima, witnessed the bombing of Hiroshima and the surrender of the Japanese Empire. Brought to you by guest contributor Daniel Pearson.

In recognition of the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I, we also bring you some letters from war by Clackamas County WWI service members and round up Veterans Day events and special deals happening in the local area.

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Episode 13: Once More, with Filberts

November 7, 2018

There's a brand new restaurant coming to the area, and we are excited! We sit down with the manager to hear how the concept for Filberts Farmhouse Kitchen finds its roots in Aurora's rich farming heritage and...a vacation to Italy? You'll hear how it all makes sense.

Later, we keep dreaming of future deliciousness as we take a tour of the old police station downtown with Matt Morrissey, who hopes to turn it into the future home of Canby's first brewpub, Modest City Brewing!

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November 2018 Election Special

November 7, 2018

Our #ElectionNight special includes the unofficial results from the local, county, state and federal races and measures that matter most to you. Also featuring comments from Canby Fire Chief Jim Davis and Aurora Mayor Bill Graupp.



November 4, 2018

In this episode, we hear from Cheryl Snow, the retiring director of the Clackamas County Arts Alliance. And we hold an intervention on the Canby Now Podcast, as Francke tries to convince Tyler to vote for the first time in his life. Also featuring Canby Mayor Brian Hodson and Fire Marshal Todd Gary.

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Episode 11: Curtains for You!

November 1, 2018

Murder, mayhem and...music? That’s what’s in store for Canby this week and next as CHS Theatre debuts its production of “Curtains!” a musical comedy satirizing backstage murder mystery plots. We sit down with the cast and director, and try to get them to give up spoilers. Doesn’t work. Still, it was a lot of fun! You won’t want to miss this episode, and you won’t want to miss “Curtains!” Nov. 1-3 and 8-10 at 7 p.m. at the Canby Fine Arts Center!

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Canby Now Podcast: Halloween Special

October 30, 2018

From the guys behind the Canby Now Podcast comes a Halloween show unlike anything you've ever experienced before! These aren't just ghost stories; these are your ghost stories. Real-life, first-person experiences with the strange and the unexplained from right here in Canby! Hear about the children who play in the dark hours of the night at Baker Prairie Cemetery. The young woman whose childhood grief may have opened the door to scarier things. The paranormal investigation that went terrifyingly wrong. The woman in white who walks Oglesby Road. And much more! Only on this very spooky episode of the Canby Now Podcast!

Presented by Tyler Clawson and Tyler Francke, of Now Hear This Media and the Canby Now Podcast, and the voices of the Canby High School Drama Club.


Episode 10: Beware the Reese’s!

October 28, 2018

It’s Halloween week! A great time to be in Canby, and a great time to be in candy! Well… not according to today’s guest, fitness guru and nutritionist Amy Light Ramage. We go through some of the best and worst Halloween candies, according to Eat This, Not That! The rankings may surprise you. We also help the county celebrate her 175th birthday, and bring you some more fun and exciting stories from the history of the Canby Fire District. All this and more, only on the Canby Now Podcast!

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Episode 9: Liar, Liar, Boy Scout Pants on Fire

October 24, 2018

The Canby Fire District is asking for voters to approve a general obligation bond for the first time in its history. Division Chief Todd Gary and Capt. Nikki Heitschmidt explain why they believe it's also the only one the district will ever need. Plus, a liar, a crier, some pants on fire. What do they have in common? They're all in today's edition of Canby Then! All this and more, only on the Canby Now Podcast!

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Episode 8: Are You OK?

October 21, 2018

Every five days, a Clackamas County resident commits suicide. This summer, a Clackamas County group set out to confront the public health issue of suicide in a unique way: through art and storytelling. Hip hop artist and activist Mic Crenshaw tells us about his work. Also, the guys catch up on their Soapbox ballot measure series with 104, which would require greater cooperation from legislators on revenue-raising proposals, and 105, which would end Oregon’s status as a sanctuary state for undocumented immigrants. This, and more, on the Canby Now Podcast!

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Episode 7: Hand in Hanlon

October 17, 2018

Canbyites watched with interest as the new Dahlia building took shape as one of the new anchors of downtown Canby. But the Dahlia was only the first step in a broader plan to reimagine and reinvigorate the downtown corridor. Mary Hanlon, the woman who is helping lead the charge, tells us all about it. Plus, meet Tom Scott, a local farmer who fought a bear in 1911 and lived to tell the tale. And book recommendations from the Book Nook in Canby! All this and more on the latest episode of the Canby Now Podcast!