The Canby Now Podcast

Episode 78: ‘I Like To Shake the Healing Gourd, Too’

June 23, 2019

In a legislative session marked by more controversy than most — one in which a dozen Senators fled the Capitol and even the state, with the state police dispatched to bring them back — no proposal has generated more public outcry than HB 3063: the vaccine bill. It's a question that pits public health against personal freedom. And it's very complicated, so we decided to ask for some help.

In today's episode, we sit down with Dr. Max Cohen, a naturopathic physician who believes vaccines are safe and effective. He agreed to answer our questions, and yours as well, about vaccine studies, delayed schedules, adverse reactions, the work of Dr. Paul Thomas and more.  


Two studies Dr. Cohen referenced: "Measles, Mumps, Rubella Vaccination and Autism: A Nationwide Cohort Study” and "No effect of MMR withdrawal on the incidence of autism: a total population study."

Graphs indicating "correlation does not equal causation":

Data demonstrating the effectiveness of vaccines:

Two other groups Dr. Cohen mentioned: He is a member of NDs For Vaccines, and a volunteer for Boost Oregon.

Music in this episode: