The Canby Now Podcast

Episode 71: Mt. Hope for the Best

May 29, 2019

In today's episode, we introduce you to Mike and Laura Ellis, the wonderful folks behind Mt. Hope Farms. Mt. Hope is a small, diversified, family farm on the outskirts of Molalla, specializing in unique berry and fruit crops, which they smash up, combine with liberal amounts of awesomeness, and turn into the best jams and jellies you've ever tasted. They're a farm family that loves being a farm family, and they try to do it right.

Also, we catch up with Jack Brito and Shannon Allee, of Hotrod Dreamworks, to hear about how you can nominate a deserving Canbyite to receive a new car through their Wheels to Prosper promotion. And...finally! It's the return of our long-lost history segment, Canby Then

Music in this episode: