The Canby Now Podcast

Episode 70: Like Father, Like Son

May 27, 2019

Like father, like son. That's what they say, and the idiom certainly holds true for the Stout family. Patriarch Raymond Stout served as an infantryman in the German occupation force in World War I, albeit reluctantly. His draft form noted he was "sullen and unpatriotic," though he later came to be proud of his military service.

His son, Cecil Stout, followed in his footsteps a generation later when war again enveloped the globe, serving as a bombardier and escaping several brushes with death during the course of his service with the famed bomber group known as the Sky Scorpions. Though the two are no longer with us, their legacy of service lives on in a unique way. We'll tell you all about it, on this very special Memorial Day episode of the Canby Now Podcast.

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