The Canby Now Podcast

Episode 162: Nothing But Net

April 15, 2020

News and More: Oregon will reopen, but it won't happen as quickly as you want. The good news is that social distancing is working here in Canby, and not a single first responder has tested positive for the virus. Canby is moving forward with its search for a new city administrator. And, believe it or not, Oregon liquor stores reported record sales in March.

Canby Conversation: In a time of great uncertainty and economic strain, many folks are in need of two things: food and dignity. The Canby Center strives to provide both, and is part of a critical safety net for the area's most vulnerable. Executive Director Ray Keen tells the story of how his little nonprofit quickly transformed into a highly efficient machine dedicated to one goal: Keeping Canby fed.

After the Break: Canby Farmers Market Director Alexis Purcell shares changes in store for this year's market, including a drive-through service from 8-10 a.m. And on Canby Then, stories from the last time Canby suffered the impacts of a global pandemic, during the deadly outbreak of Spanish flu in 1918.

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