The Canby Now Podcast

Episode 160: Take Me Out Tonight

April 8, 2020

News and More: The next time Canby’s 5,000 public school students set foot inside their classrooms, it will be a new school year. The Canby Fire District has clarified the COVID-era burn ban that is now in effect for residents. In this time of sudden need, many people in Canby have been feeling the need to give.

Canby Conversation: Joan Monen, owner of the Wild Hare Saloon, saw the writing on the wall a few days early. Since then, she and her staff have been trying to navigate this strange new world as best they can. In this episode, we ask how a couple of the town's favorite gathering places have been doing, in a time when gathering is no longer around.

After the Break: Matt Morrissey and the new Wayward Sandwiches were just hitting their stride when the coronavirus pandemic served up a curveball. We ask about his favorite quarantine food, and if he's had time to whip up a new recipe for peanut butter and tuna fish yet. (Spoiler alert: No.)

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