The Canby Now Podcast

Episode 127: A Tough Nut to Cracker

December 11, 2019

News and More: Councilors debate the appointment of a new planning commissioner, whose application some felt was overly political. Police see a rise in vehicle break-ins and car prowls. The owners of a neglected 21-acre nursery south of Canby hope to transform it into a premier wedding destination.

Canby Conversation: The music. The dance. The costumes. The...200 kids? It could only be that elegant Canby tradition, "The Nutcracker," presented by Allegro Dance Studio. Director Amanda Staehely joins to give us a sneak peak of this weekend's brand-new production.

After the Break: Spencer Labunski, general manager of iFLY Portland, tells us why he thinks he has the best job in the world. Plus, the legendary football coach who'll let you pee — but only if you're quiet about it — on Canby Then.

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