The Canby Now Podcast

Episode 104: A Memorable First Session

September 22, 2019

No one was more disappointed by Aurora Mayor Kris Sallee's resignation than the former mayor herself, according to a statement from her last week. In other news, you can now check out much more than books at the Canby Public Library. Bubble maker? Metal detector? Karaoke machine?? Yes, please.

Her first session as an elected representative was an interesting one for Christine Drazan, from Canby. The newly appointed House minority leader for next year discusses the challenges and lessons from a session considered one of the most divisive in memory, which included two separate walkouts by her Republican colleagues in the Senate.

Back to Aurora. Lisa Hand, from Wind Horse Antiques, tells us about some of the fun, Victorian-themed events on tap this week and next. Finally, Tyler begins his series reviewing fall movies in the run-up to his favorite holiday, Halloween.

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